arrived at brisbane 6:30 am here. on the flight, there was a little baby toddler in my cabin who was crying nonstop, so everytime i started falling asleep, i would immediately awaken to her loud screeching! what a wonderful welcome into australia huh :)

on another note, the first thing i noticed upon landing into brisbane was its abundance of lush greenery. there were soo many trees and i felt like i was landing in a forest! its really clean here, & the air is fresh and crisp all day long. i feel like im in europe for part of the time too! & the brisbane river is beautiful! i passed by it on the way to campus from the airport. o speaking of the airport it was pretty ridiculous. they had dogs sniffing every piece of luggage that passed (they were labradors & soo cute & obedient) & it sniffed that i had fruit in my bag..that i had ziplocked and finished before my flight..and thrown away a day ago!

don’t think there are too many students on campus yet, so its empty & not crowded at all. but one thing i hate is that almost everything is closed on sundays so theres nothing to do and nowhere to go!! at least itll be monday tomorrow :) im going downtown tomorrow, after an orientation in the morning and a visit to the bank. better get my phone # and internet all permanently settled before school starts! oh & met my apartmentmates today. one’s another undergrad from malaysia studying food science (who locks herself in her room all day long but when she comes out she talks nonstop), and the other a girl from china getting her masters here in accounting (who is relatively normal hahaha). interesting people!

im off to bed now. it’s only 10 pm here but im so’s 5 am in californiaaaa
ill take pictures tomorrow :) yay