…so far!

so today i went to the City & bought boots & flats to finally keep my feet warm :O phew, what a relief! & then i went to a korean market & bought tons of food. its good to have asian food :)

& tomorrow im going to the koala sanctuary & there they have koalas, of course, and kangaroos & all these wild exotic animals! im excited, but i also heard they charge you $15 to take one picture with a koala :( might as well do it if im there!

alrighty, i was bored & thought this list would be fun.

ever since arriving in australia, ive:

1. learned what a tim-tam was & how to eat it! you get a tim tam orgasm bc when you use it as a straw & drink hot milk/coffee the whole wafer implodes and if you don’t stuff it into your mouth & eat up the whole thing it melts entirely. it tastes DELICIOUS!! i cant wait to bring some back :O)
2. bought vegemite, tried it & actually  thought it was okay
3. learned that the distance from perth to brisbane is equivalent to US’s LA to NY. australia only looks small on the map. even cities 1 cm away from brisbane on a map take an hour to get to
4.  realized to never use power strips from US here! they max out the electricity in a room :O
5. discovered ‘how you goin’ translates to ‘how are you doing today’, not ‘how are you getting there?’
6.  found everything is basically closed after 430 pm, except restaurants of course
7. realized little birds are deceiving-they make the loudest of noises!! & sometimes sound like monkeys.
8. found that everyone counts/tracks internet usage by phone or computer in MB or GB. there is no “unlimited” here. the internet & phone system is far inferior to that of the US!
9. learned that for food, double all US prices= AU cost! standard of living is higher than that of the US or england!
10. learned that there are people from china everywhere here. ~1/4 of all international students (~400/1500 total) are from china, while only 200 are from the US!
11. mailing postcards back overseas, i found out the postage costs more than the card itself!
12. learned that aniseed=licorice
13. had the shock of my life that school gym membership is a shitload—$300+ for 3 months only! & a year is $800!
14. learned that cricket & rugby is pretty much the american equivalent of football

hm. cant think of much else, maybe ill make another list like this later on as i spend more time here! alrighty im heading to bed soon! goodnightttt