almost 3 weeks hereee

sooo school started .. ! & we have no practical + tutorial (discussions) this week so its been somewhat relaxing. for most of my classes, its similar to sc w/different professors switching off based on the topic, except here they switch off every week. so for two of my classes ill be having about 5-10 professors—don’t know how thatll turn out! i have one professor who looks like hes 20 (maybe he is a genius) and you’d think he’d be a great, interactive lecturer but too bad he sucks. he talks like hes 80 and has a monotone voice and goes through slides so fast (& thinks a 10 min break makes up for it). no sireee! & surprising fact but there are literally no people who use laptops here. in my classes, i see like 3-5 people w/them open, and i think they’re americans. interesting. and something that i find a bit annoying is that instead of “idea” they say “idear” here. HAHAHAHHA. ok

oh. so this morning i awoke to a lovely alarm. apparently the principal of our college decided to set a fire drill for this morning at 7, and it was the weirdest alarm ever. first it was beeping, so i thought ok. i can sleep through this. and then it morphed into some funky holocaust-y siren & that definitely forced me to climb out of bed. i put my pants on backwards at first–yes, thats how out of it i was– & then when i finally made my way out i realized that half our building was still inside bc people here at lazy/slow like that! my friends slept through it. HOWWWWW!!! & then the principal came & told us we were all too slow & would have been burned alive by now. HAHA what a lovely thing to hear first thing in the morning. ohhh you aussies
ahahha and to top off the wonderful day, i discover this morning that my apartmentmate locked our bathroom door shut w/no one in it! i didnt eat before maintenance came bc i just cant w/o brushing my teeth, so i made all my breakfast and lunch and put it on my desk and watched it. so waiting for maintenance was like waiting for my savoir. hhehe ohh what an eventful day.

& i discovered today that this is an amazing lunch: corn on the cob, toast with chili crab & chives, guacamole/salsa sauce, tomato, chicken breast w/rosemary, & apples w/brie! SO DELICIOUS. try it :) recommended by the true pig who has not seem to have lost any weight yet… despite the fact that australians here are mostly tall and skinny :(

alrighty off to lecture i go~~ no new photos today :( if im not in class, im in my apartment (on the computer, now that i bought so much internet!) so i havent taken my camera around! this weekend i might go to the botanical gardens on mt. kootha. if i do, ill definitely take photos of the exotic trees!