just excited for EKKA!

happy august!

july is finally over which means from here on it’s only going to get warmer!! im so jealous when i see peoples summer pictures and they’re all wearing shorts & tees! but i think by the time it really gets that hot here, ill be leaving :( and then back to US winter it is! haha ohh well hopefully the christmas spirit back home will make up for it, although i did really want to experience xmas here in the summer! i heard they have a bbq & go to the beach. hahaha

ayway, im really excited for EKKA! its a huge state fair/festival that brisbane has each year & its coming august 12th!  theres a carnival, huge contest convention center, showroom selling lots of souvenirs/goodies, exhibits, fashion show ft the latest australian designers, & tons of food tasting booths! travelers come from the different states & various countries to experience it, so i can’t wait! we get two or three days off of lecture, so im sure itll definitely be really amazing :) this is the last year before they’re renovating the whole pavillion where it’s held at each year, so i am quite thankful i get to experience it before it changes!

on another note, another week of classes is starting.. noooo :( well uq has this come & try week where you get to go take all these classes @ the gym for free so i will go test it out. my apartmentmate went to pole dancing lessons & said it was a little awkward but fun. hehe im probably going to pilates & yoga later, & kickboxing another day. i need to enroll in one of these classes & get in shape!

well not much else is new here. since classes have started im assuming i wont go to many places except fri-sunday so until then!! :)