almost 07/08/09

hmm… creating this title i just realized that since coming here, i always have to write dates in dd/mm/yr format. it bugs me so much bc they say a day like 10/30 doesn’t exist, and the right way is 30/10. so today it’s 05/08/09. ahhahahahhahh man its confusing :( my little tiny brain cant handle this! hahahah

anyway! this week has been pretty crazy. ive been forcing myself to go to as many classes at the gym as possible, so i went to a yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and self defense class. hahahhhaa i am so sore it’s really made me realize how out of shape i am. im in quite a sad sad situation here! never thought id say this but thank god for the hills on campus…although they definitely slow me down when i need to get to my classes. i just registered at the gym today, and it cost me almost $300 for 3 months—its the most expensive gym membership ive ever paid for so i really really need to push myself to go at least 3 or 4 times a week. HAHAHA what a joke since i never went to lyon center back at sc even though that was right next door!

for the classes, yoga was very relaxing and surprisingly tiring but i love it since it forces you to focus on posture & your breathing while you stretch & do certain poses/movements. pilates was okay bc our instructor was from italy so she barely knew english and kept on lifting her shirt to show us her very-fit-stomach-for-a-40-yr-old (haha) and attempted to teach us how to use our muscles correctly. & then the kickboxing body combat class was pretty killer. there were so many leg raises & kicks & punches involved i thought my limbs were going to fall off after! but i love how the music is so upbeat & the instructors are hilarious since they make up funny lyrics with the song to keep you motivated. as for the self defense class, i can gladly say ive learned how to correctly kick someone in the crotch, get up off the ground after falling, get out of a strangle (& then strangle the other person back if i want), and push someone away while shouting meanly, “STOP!!” but sadly each time afterwards i start laughing. oh well at least i made an attempt :) thank you very much @laurenml (haha, aww not on twitter to tag you!) for inspiring me to go although it required the very sad story of the girl who was killed in LA :( :( :(

ok! enough about working out (since i just ate chocolate this is starting to make me feel guilty). tutorials (or “tuuts” as they pronounce the word here) started this week, and i have one of the discussions at 9 am tomorrow. classes& discussions are so long they’re always at least 2 hours each. :\ but funny thing is in my australian discussion its pretty much 3/4 full of americans! lots of them are from the east coast but i did meet someone from santa cruz! so close to home :) oh & for some reason lots of my professors have american “accents” since they also taught back in the states, so i feel like im not in a foreign country at all.

what else is new… oh! i dont have class next week monday to wednesday so i have a 6 day break! i should take advantage of this & go some place far :) I WANT TO GO TO FIJI!!! doesn’t this look amazing?!!!

Fiji—i want to jump right into this photo :)

Fiji—i want to jump right into this photo :)

hehe if only… stupid EKKA :)

hope you are all having a wonderful week. school’s starting soon so enjoy the rest of your summer! its starting to feel like summer here already, though it’s still “winter”. i guess winter means mid 70s! im not complaining :O)