what else is new these are more things…

what else is new… these are more things i wanted to add to my list of fun factsss-

1. australian currency is made of plastic! you can get it wet & its harder to tear or make counterfeits. theres a clear see-through part on every bill (which only come in $5 <the only smaller-sized bill>, $10, $20, $50, and $100s). pretty cool
2. everything is rounded to the nearest 5 cents. so there are no pennies here! & there are also $1 and $2 coins which are gold coloured!
3. everyone is extremely eco-friendly here. they all carry reusable shopping bags everywhere they go–to the farmers market, the library, the supermarket. when u go to the grocery store you give them your bag & they pack everything in it neatly for you. if you dont bring your bag they charge you for a compostable plastic one
4. “good on ya” means good job. no one says “you’re welcome”, instead it’s “no worries”. “how you going” is equivalent to “hello, how are you”. cookies are biscuits. candies are lollies. barbie is a bbq. no one says restroom, it’s the “toilet”. college/university is “uni”, and school is for children or toddlers. they also add “s” to everything: homeworks, maths, and all “z”s turn into “s”s here, as in “emphasising, energise” which is awfully annoying since Word automatically corrects it! tires on cars are “tyres”, and zebras are “zeh-bras”!
5.  in the day, there’s usually just cricket, rugby, AFL, or car races on all the Australian tv channels. as for shows at night, it’s Australian Idol, so you think you can dance (Australia), or just american shows but the aussie version!
6. movies here usually come out weeks, if not months, later than the US release date. up isn’t playing until a few weeks later, julia & julia is coming out oct 3rd–the only thing on time was harry potter!
7. portions here are a lot tinier. you literally get what you order. a small meal is almost equiv to the kids meal back home. tons of people also go to fast food places here. hungry jacks (burger king) is always packed in the city. oh and even the jams & canned foods come in the tiniest sizes.
8. when walking on the street, besides having to look Right, Left, Right when crossing, pedestrians don’t have right of way so you must cross in the crosswalk. if you dont, they’ll continue driving and you basically need to avoid cars yourself. i also rarely see 4-way street stops here. they’re usually roundabouts, so you only need to look one way for oncoming traffic.
9. there are literally no starbucks here (ive maybe seen 1 or 2). sit down places are either Gloria Jean, or The Coffee Shop, both of which ive heard are amazing!
10. public transportation is extremely convenient here–with a daily pass, you can ride on the bus, ferry, or train all you want for that day. everyone also has Go cards here, which you tap on/off when you get on or off. you can recharge it with money at any 7-11 or newspaper stand. really convenient :)
11. all the students here seem to carry duffel bags instead of backpacks. and kids in school all wear uniforms, regardless of public/private school. uniforms come in all sorts of colors. some are really interesting, with hats, scarves, ribbons or ties (yes, even for girls!)
12. drug store brand of makeup is so expensive. maybelline mascara (the pink/green one) that’s like $5/6 US is at least $15 here. shocking
13. australia gets very little rainfall so everyone tries to save water. all the bathrooms & sinks have signs reminding you to save water. the toilets here have 2 buttons too-one for #1 duty, the other for #2. the showers in our apartment come with small shower hourglasses set for 4 min for you to use
14. the australian phone ring is different-its short & not as sharp. fire alarms too! they start off as a beeping, then become this loud ringing siren that sounds like somethings about to explode.
15. tax is already added on to everything you buy. so a shirt that has a price of $30 is $30 when you pay. sadly, tax here is supposedly also almost 10% too!

all right i hope that was interesting! :O)

for now, goodbye, goodnight, and bye bye :)