doing just abt anything & everything to keep me from being productive

i just cant work now! after a long day of classes, its just too tempting to just lay around and do absolutely nothing :O) especially when all my other apartmentmates are watching movies & i can hearrr ittt! ones watching the 6th sense (that movie is so clever!) & another is rewatching friends episodes! tempting to join in on the fun

so ive been addicted to checking my google reader everyday. for those who don’t use it, it’s pretty much an amazing tool you have to add to your bookmarks. you add the subscriptions of your favorite websites & it displays all the links & bolds then when they’ve updated since your last view! genius…
marissa showed it to me this summer & ever since adding about 15 more subscriptions, checking it has been my favorite part of my day :) so thank youu & everyone else—give it a try!

well, the rest of this post is going to be absolutely irrelevant to australia or studying abroad or whatever. lately, the weather has been more and more unpredictable, and tons of people are getting sick. in every class, i hear people coughing dry or gross, phlegmy coughs—everytime someone does so, i just stop breathing & wonder if they have swine flu & pray i dont get sick. well, finally, today my throat is entirely red & swollen. coldsores in my mouth after i bit myself while eating don’t help either :X

since i dont feel like working im going to post a bunch of pictures that are going to make me as unproductive as possible. i know ill feel very content i am getting some “rest” :)

i love looking at architecture & beautiful houses & homey decorations!

i love orchids and peonies, i think theyre the most beautiful flowers. these pictures are wonderful.

hope the beginning of the school year finds you all well :)

enjoy the little simple pleasures of summer before it slowly slips away.