back from a crazy tiring trip. 

finally back from a 24+ hr drive to & from cairns! we saw soo many kangaroos (dead & alive) on the side of the highway, at least 100 dead ones & probably 150+ alive. SO SADDDDDD AND BLOODY! AHHH!

and i saw 2 koalas on trees :O) and TREE KANGAROOS!!! that i never knew existed! bahahhaa it was so weirdd

and driving on the opposite side of the road was so bizarre & unnatural. especially turning right & making U-turns (U-eys) & intersections. woww i hope i wont get confused when im back driving in the states. HAHAHA

cant wait to post details & pictures of Daintree, Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and everything else..

my next post’ll probably be next friday. im going into a crazy week of essays, presentations, and online debates so its gonna be a loong week. i cant wait to SKYPE WITH YOU ALL!!!! :)

& holy shit. as of 1 month & 29/30 days, ILL BE FLYING BACK TO THE STATES.