not doing work lalala 

its 11:53 pm 12:11 am and im sick and i still have tons of work i could be doing but nooooooo… twitter and google reader sucked me in and obviously, i gave in :)

i finally chose my favorite pictures from my time abroad here & made an album in iphoto that is titled “FB Uploads”…meaning i will be uploading my photos up to fb soon!! it was hard bc i have ~1000 photos, but i only wanted to put up an album which is 200(?). i hope it doesnt take too long to upload and doesnt suck up my quota. i have 10 GB left for the next 2 months. i started with 34 GB here in july when i got here. you do the math. yeah, dont think ill be going online in november then! but its ok, i have finals then anyway, so i wont(?) be onlinee

yes so ive been updating twitter a lot lately. i totally see how people find it incredibly addicting. im starting to be the person who sees something interesting online, something funny, or helpful and ill automatically go to twitter & tweet about it. so follow me! @jaleey or for those of you who dont have a twitter, GET ONE!! you’re out of the loop! haah

ok my goal of the night is not to finish my work, as it should be, but to finish a whole pitcher of hot water so hopefully my cold/flu will go away by thurs. i have a presentation and i dont wanna croak like a frog and have to blow my nose every 10 seconds. oh joy! thats A plus work right there :)

ok goodnight, and HAPPY BDAY HELEN. YOU OLD 20 YR OLD!!! hahaha :O) have fun today! eat your dessert box thing or something fattierrrrrr. youre still as skinny as a stick. o wait, i mean, you’re still so obese ;)

ps-my finals schedule comes out this friday. thats when i find out what days what finals are on.. lets hope my finals end early, although ill have less time to study, but i want to get it over with and travel afterwards!!! hard work deserves a reward right?!! im so excited for my mom to come mid november. im getting so used to australia & brisbane that im just whatever about brisbane scenery now. but yes i cant wait to see her reaction to the city. its really actually very beautifulll and the river is so picturesque! not to mention the skyline which is stunning at night. brisbane has ~12 bridges bc the river is so long & windy, so as you go along the river the buildings & everything along the shore changes too. its a different feel at every turn in the river. loveee itt

AND I WANT TO GO TO FIJI (only 3.5 hrs away). AND KOREA (12 hrs away)…