including this week, class ends in 3 weeks, then 3 finals + a hellish research essay and it’ll be over for this year! im so excited! ive been looking up plans for sydney & melbourne and its getting me reallyyy anxious for the holidays to come :) australia’s really missing out with no halloween or thanksgiving, and how unlucky of me to miss them bothhh!

i think we’ll be in Sydney on the 28th of november, so i definitely will make sure we dont miss the lighting of the christmas tree in darling harbour! its going to be so beautiful, i just cant wait for christmas to come!!

o christmas tree o christmas tree!

o christmas tree o christmas tree!

i havent been taking many pictures lately…the trees have been blooming here, and so there are rich purple coloured  flowers in the trees everywhere, including the ones lining the river. its so beautiful, i just have to make a trip to our school field where both sides are surrounded by them and take photos before they wilt!! its so cool, some trees are half blooming so a side is green while the other is this bright purple! i love how it looks when the sky is perfectly blue. it rained a few days ago so now there are no clouds in the sky!!

anyway last friday we went to watch Julie & Julia, which i absolutely loved!!! amy adams & meryl streep are such amazing actors, and i love that meryl streep nails every role that she plays. and then we watched Couples Resort which was okay. i think the funny scenes are pretty much the ones they highlighted in the trailer so it was pretty predictable. then besides running the usual errands of heading to Toowong for groceries, going to the city and  Sunnybank, we ate at this really delicious singapore/malaysian restaurant downtown. the food is the best asian food ive had here so far, and everyone in the restaurant was from malaysia or taiwan or china, i think. i felt like i was in hong kong or something. or finally in asia. ahhaha and i had pearl milk tea after not drinking it for at least 4 months!! now i just have to eat froyo..which surprisingly i havent really started craving yet. there’s a Yogen FRÜZ downtown but i havent been there when its hot enough to get it!

planning on going to tangaloomba or heron bay to dolphin/pelican feed soon, and maybe to the eagle street crafts/fair thing they have every sunday. i still havent bought too many souvenirs to take home yet…but already im wondering how the hell my mom and i are going to lug 4 large suitcases from brisbane to sydney to melbourne back to sydney, and finally back home to sf. going to be a veryyy long journey!! help help, any ideas? i looked into luggage storage at the airport & thats a possibility but questionable for the time we need, which is about 7 days. i dont want to carry it around during our tours, but leaving it in brisbane’s out of the question as we’re flying back from sydney!  :P

anyway, enough about me, how are you all doing?? i really wish all of you had blogs so i dont have to rely on signing on skype & aim & seeing if anyone’s on… i only have 8 GB of quota left, which will probably last until the end of october. i want to cut down on my usage but then again i have to do travel research and i definitely want to continue video chatting w/people back home…  im probably going to end up using my apartmentmates :D

ok im going to yoga soon so i have to finish hw. im so tempted to climb into my bed and sleep! my sleeping schedules pretty screwed up again.. goodnight? hehee

i ♥ these photos:


so dreamy.