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  • Jaleey 12:50 am on February 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    think happy. be happy. 

    saw this & thought it was the cutest little chinese new year picture! too bad it’s not elmo with 利是糖。

    compiled a bunch of photos that i came across while reading blogs this week.. too lazy to make a post with some actual substance. pictures it is!

    i love pictures taken by the sartorialist.. the man has amazing work.

    little house in iceland. what a cute idea. what an amazing view.

    i still want to go to greece.

    & irvine is so beautiful. i never knew.

    this tree house in new zealand is pretty much amazing. was built to be a restaurant, now it’s a wedding venue. wow.

    cutest wedding @ martha’s vineyard, with such thoughtful favors. love the color scheme

    seeing this pothole garden just makes me smile. wish they were here in la :)

    so peaceful.

    doesn’t this little guy just make you want to burst out laughing? just sitting there… what a cutie!

    i want to watch Born into Brothels. ive heard it’s pretty inspiring.. & definitely an eye-opener.

    hello nickel diner.

    message of the day:

    easy to say. hard to do.

    & my friend linked this article on her twitter today. interesting findings. it’s all about perspective! i’d recommend reading it :)
    Be lucky-it’s an easy skill to learn: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/3304496/Be-lucky-its-an-easy-skill-to-learn.html

    came across this quote today too.. too true.

    “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”


    changed the layout. better? worse? might change it back..

    • Lauren 5:35 am on February 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      i like this layout! it’s cute!

      also, i wanna go to greeeeeeeeeece. so lovely there!

      • jaleey 7:31 pm on February 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        yeah.. i want to go visit all these places! one day i think i’ll have to make a post of all the places i want to visit.. and pictures of things i have to do on my bucket list! lauren! marissa! you both have to tooo!! :O)
        btw..marissa! UPDATE UR BLOG MORE, I SUBSCRIBED TO IT ON GOOGLE READER..so basically i see it the day of. hahaha :)

    • mearmarmar 7:03 am on February 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      No..don’t change it back. This layout is lovely!
      and that Tree House in new Zealand..oh..wanna go there :|

  • Jaleey 2:36 am on February 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , whitsunday islands   

    i wanna go backkk to the whitsundays i… 

    i wanna go backkk to the whitsundays!

    i realized i never posted up lots of other pictures from australia, so i guess i will now!

    whitsundays is a group of 74 islands off of the eastern coast of australia. it’s located in queensland, and is a popular destination for tourists. i guess it’s still considered a hidden gem because not lots of people are able to fly out and spend the time exploring the area. even though it’s a popular travel destination, it’s hard to get to (though you do pass by driving from brisbane/sydney to the great barrier reef) without a car, especially outside of airlie beach (where all the hotels are located!). in airlie, everyone travels by foot and everyday pretty much consists of snorkeling/diving at the reefs (which are about 1.5 hrs out), and traveling to areas outside of airlie (katoomba railway with a supposedly amazing view of the rainforest).

    we flew out from brisbane, almost a 2 hour flight. the view on the flight was so gorgeous.. blue-green turquoise waters. sometimes you could even see through the water and see the sand dunes! they make a really pretty swirly pattern!

    view from the plane. about to land!


    after another hour from the whitsunday proserpine airport, which was the smallest airport (with one runway & outdoor seating & no luggage area), we finally arrived at our hotel. it was on a really steep hill and was a bitch to climb up! what made up for it was the view…

    the next two days (before we flew back to brisbane & then to sydney), we took day trips out to the great barrier reef for some snorkeling & reef-seeing. since we were only there for 2 days, we weren’t able to go to the whitehaven beach. i was so disappointed, but since we had to choose between whitehaven or the great barrier reef, we decided to go to the reef. white haven is a huge beach that is one of the top most beautiful beaches in the world.. the sand is pure white, and silicone soft (which makes sense bc it’s 99.9% silicone) or something like that.. since the sand dunes there underwater are also made up of white sand, the water mixes to form a really pretty light blue swirly pattern. looks AMAZING… it’s okay! i’ll find a chance to go next time!

    snorkeling was definitely worth it! we saw dolphins at sea, and tons of other fish & crazy colored corals! the coral was about a body length’s distance below you, and so you can dive down and see the coral up close! there were bright blue colored ones, yellow, brown, black, white, and some were shaped like plates, others like tree branches, and a few like human brains! pretty cool! & i saw giant oysters/clams that were larger than the size of my laptop when its open! i swam with fish that were half the size of my body, and was surrounded by tons of schools of fish that were all brightly colored… red, yellow, striped & tons of angel fish! it felt soo unreal..it was exactly like finding nemo, except no talking fish!! some people even invested in camera add-ons to take pictures underwater. i wish i did!

    along with snorkeling we also went on an underwater submarine-like thing that took us around the reef, and also on a glassbottom boat to look at the fish. they fed the fish and they all jumped up out of the water!!! crazy CRAZY.

    hmm i didnt take many pictures while i went snorkeling or when i was on the boat! bc the waves that day were pretty big & i was worried it’d fall underwater or get wet since water is everywhere.. oh wellll

    at sea

    visited a few islands.. daydream & hayman island:

    docking at hayman island

    back in downtown airlie, we spent another day exploring and shopping. since it’s a small town, there’s really not that much to see. overall airlie is just a town where everyone (who wants to go to the reef/whitehaven in the day) lives. in the day, the town is full of tourists who arrive & are shopping around for groceries & getting used to the area. when we went, it was the week finals ended, so tons of high school & uni students were out  partying every night.. yes, it did result in awkward situations/conversations with my mom. hahahaha u___u

    tried adding more pictures.. unfortunately my internet connection is not cooperating and taking 100 years so i’ll do it another time!

    back to studying for my midterm tomorrow. haha. “studying”.

    going to eat my free sprinkles cupcake soon. EXCITED. (pathetic, i know)

    • Lauren 6:29 am on February 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      ahhhhh such beautiful photos! australia seems sooo dreamy…sigh…i want to visit one day

    • marmar 5:07 pm on February 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      So pretttyy!!!

      it’s like a dream there.

      I wish to be able to live in a place like that :)

  • Jaleey 8:01 am on February 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: chinese new year, ,   

    happy new year i hope everyone has a… 

    happy new year! i hope everyone has a prosperous year of the tiger, success in all your endeavors, and most importantly, a year of happiness and good health!


    so i went home on friday for new years, and since it was a 3day weekend, flew back to la on monday afternoon. a few pictures below pretty much summarize some of my time at home! wish i took more. i need to get in the habit of bringing my camera everywhere i go!!

    so every year for new years we put out a plate of goodies/snacks that constantly refill & change up the variety.. lots of other melon candies & water chestnut/lotus root/haw candies. we stuck to the plum & dates & peanuts & butter sesame candies. i guess my mom  was also lazy & bought american chocolates. hahahah

    new year goodies!

    new years breakfast was composed of the 8 treasure soup (like八宝饭,but汤)with sweet rice cake in it! we eat this every year..

    sweet rice cake for new years breakfast

    good morning gili!

    rice cake in the 8 treasures soup. you gotta eat all 8 ingredients to guarantee good luck for the new year! with longyan (dragon's eye fruit), peanut, lotus seed, dates, 白果...

    chinese plum & date candies

    our family has a tradition of doing the traditional 拜年 , bowing to the elderly who is handing you your red envelope.. so we bowed & said our wishes to each other for the new year :)

    mom & grandma exchanging 红包

    with our red envelopes :) they didnt all hold up theirs!! hehe look at gili

    our family eats vegetarian on the new years because of religious reasons (believed to be a good start on the new year), so we always have the huge new years dinner on new years eve.. here is a picture of a vegetarian taiwanese snack we had on new years.. so good!!


    i cant believe i forgot to take pictures @ new years eve dinner! i even brought and charged my camera ahead of time! :( pretty much had the usual new years soup, crab, lobster, fish, chicken, and lots of vegetables, rice & noodle dishes. and i wanted to put up pictures of my cute little nephews.. they’re growing up so quickly! feeling older everytime i go home. teddy’s starting kindergarten soon! feels like yesterday he was born

    anyway, now for random pictures! tonys mom brought over this yummy taiwanese dessert:

    taiwanese taro mochi dessert

    night sky on new years!

    decided to bake all of a sudden… the usual pumpkin cranberry bread! finally getting a better sense of how our oven works. i hate moving & finally getting used to how the oven works or how weak/strong it is & then we move! happened 2x! :O

    baking pumpkin cranberry bread

    the bread turned out well :)

    the next afternoon i took a bunch of photos of flowers before i left… my camera does an amazing job of capturing the color & texture! 12 megapixels… pretty good :O)

    grapefruit tree

    i have so many i didnt upload… they’re mostly vertical ones. it’s bizarre because in iphoto they’re all vertical, but when i upload vertical photos onto wordpress they turn out horizontal & i cant turn it.. (or am too lazy to figure out. yep that’s it!)

    but anyway, today is the 2nd day after chinese new years… i should be going back to 娘家, too  bad i just came back! going back early march for my mom’s bday, and then the cruise to mexico for Spring Break!

    wayyy excited.. .but i feel like this is going to be the most hectic, stressful, about-to-pull-out-all-my-hair month second to may when it’s finals! 2010 school year’s almost over guys! crazy how everything’s going by so quickly.. and BB’s almost crossing. this is their iweek! currently chewing on a watermelon candy from their goodie bag. i hope they weren’t like our class (in the way we handled our candy..)

    okay, back to studying. i brought back so much food from home including sticky rice/糯米饭,肉丸,牛健。。。going to be delicious!!! :O9

    • shellysong 10:33 am on February 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      but omg the pictures look so yummy :)))))
      esp. the 8 treasure soup thingy!! you are quite the little photogrpaher!!
      and i <3 the picture with you and ur fam all wearing red its super cute!! (wonder if ur underwear was red too LOL)

      AND WHY IS GILI SO CUTE?! i want to poke his little nosey waahhhh :O)

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