think happy. be happy.

saw this & thought it was the cutest little chinese new year picture! too bad it’s not elmo with 利是糖。

compiled a bunch of photos that i came across while reading blogs this week.. too lazy to make a post with some actual substance. pictures it is!

i love pictures taken by the sartorialist.. the man has amazing work.

little house in iceland. what a cute idea. what an amazing view.

i still want to go to greece.

& irvine is so beautiful. i never knew.

this tree house in new zealand is pretty much amazing. was built to be a restaurant, now it’s a wedding venue. wow.

cutest wedding @ martha’s vineyard, with such thoughtful favors. love the color scheme

seeing this pothole garden just makes me smile. wish they were here in la :)

so peaceful.

doesn’t this little guy just make you want to burst out laughing? just sitting there… what a cutie!

i want to watch Born into Brothels. ive heard it’s pretty inspiring.. & definitely an eye-opener.

hello nickel diner.

message of the day:

easy to say. hard to do.

& my friend linked this article on her twitter today. interesting findings. it’s all about perspective! i’d recommend reading it :)
Be lucky-it’s an easy skill to learn:

came across this quote today too.. too true.

“Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”


changed the layout. better? worse? might change it back..