happy birthdayyy 

so this past weekend i went back home to celebrate my mom’s bday! i spent thursday night making her gift, which was a picture frame (haha i always do something like that…for everyone. but they like it right?!) & then flew back home friday with a cake & the huge frame in tow.. yes i carried that through lax airport security & put it through all the scanners.. i swear, when i looked at what the cake looked like under the screening machine, it was a huge black circle with tons of small circles (so it looked like a clock)…but black. very bomb-like..or what i’d imagine a bomb to look like. haha then they tested me for explosives via wiping my hand & putting it into an explosive sample machine u____u

yay anyway got home & the next night we go out for a family dinner.. with cousins & aunts/uncles & nephews!!!! hehe picture postttttt–

i was totally having a gross allergic reaction to hay fever and the pollen back home (yay for la air & pollution! less allergies i suppose) so i was literally sneezing 5-10x in a row. lol me and my aunt could’ve set a guiness world record that night! thankfully it’s now over! :)

me and the birthday girlllllll

MY NEPHEWSSSSS with my cousin :)


:) <3"

mom &aunts & grandmaaa


tons of goood foodddd :) so delicious! even better than our chinese new years meal!  a few dishes..

sea cucumber.. nope ididn't eat it.. im allergic!

duck that you put in a chinese wrap

honey drenched meat with lotus seeds that you put in another chinese flour bun

huge chilean sea bass filet!!!! my favorite fish :)

purple rice red bean dessert soup

anyway, spring break begins SATURDAY!!!! classes over tomorrow at 2 pm so i’m excited! me, taren, amy, and lauren are going on a cruise to mexico!! never been to mexico before, so i’m looking forward to spending some time on foreign soil :) stopping in cabo san lucas, puerto vallarta, and one more place (i forgot the name!). im looking forward to tropical weather once again! im gonna love the 80 degree weather! yess!


have a great spring break everyone!!~