back to reality

back from mexico!!!

still feel like im rocking on the boat, but it was an amazing trip! loved the ports of call, our shore excursions, and the weather was amazing! we were really lucky! & the food was pretty good towards the end, after we discovered the hidden treasures aka the better restaurants (aqua, market?) hahaa & the crew was really friendly! kept seeing people who worked at different restaurants/places onboard throughout the day. we’d see them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the ice cream man was also the guy who served drinks & sang on the poolside stage. HAHA & pretty much all of the staff were from foreign countries. mostly the phillipines, indonesia, india, and we met an amazing waiter from jamaica! yahmon. keep smilin’ (esp you lauren. hahahahah)

i’ll be posting pictures up later this/next week! gotta get back to the everyday routine of waking up early, not eating buffets or all you can order meals, and eating inferior mexican food :( definitely wouldnt mind going back to mexico, esp puerto vallarta or cabo! cabo totally caught us off guard though. i imagined it to be much larger. it’s very resort-y with a long beach strip (filled with college students on sb) and just a small cove area with those famous rocks! very different from mazatlan, which is a busy seaside city (with seemingly portugese influence), or puerto vallarta, a large area that spans along the coastline, & encompasses a bunch of other small beach-y areas that you can access only by boat!

hm & things in mexico are cheap, but still not as cheap as asia i guess. or maybe the places we went to are just that touristy.. anyway i am currently wearing a very stiff sweater i got in mazatlan (they actually had them in honduras too! but so expensive!) with the help of lauren, i got this one for really cheap! ONLY $8 DOLLARS hahaha

more to come laterr!!!! :) hope everyone had a fun relaxing spring break!

caught up a bit on my google reader &  found a few quotes/pictures that i love :)

love that my internet’s so fast tonight. no one’s back on campus yet.

reallyyy back to reality tomorrow.