i will follow you

came across this oldie…
I Will Follow You – Ricky Nelson
brings back such great memories. when my parents were dancing & swaying arm & arm & staring into each others eyes, in the kitchen, to this song… :) and then i would be prancing around them and singing along.

i will follow you
follow you wherever you may go
there isn’t an ocean too deep
a mountain so high you can keep
keep me away
away from my love
i love you i love you, i love you
and where you go i’ll follow
you’ll always be my true love
from now until forever, forever, forever
i will follow you.

ricky nelson’s voice is so dreamy and charming. watch the video below and you’ll know what i mean.
ps-isn’t this a great wedding song? for a first husband-wife dance! :) i want this at my wedding. so sweet!!