shoe high

in love with these TOMS wedges. the flats i wasnt so crazy about, but ever since TOMS unveiled their wedge, i’ve been in love! i saw a girl wearing these at Urth the other day, and they were so flattering on her feet. the heel’s about 3.5 in. perfect!! i want to buy the black ones..

on another note, i couldn’t resist these flats.. i bought them at barneys the other day, in taupe. nina bought them in black :) funny bc although they’re both so similar in style & overall feel, one’s completely spring/more feminine while the black is a bit more formal & conservative, yet flashier at the same time. i decided to go with the taupe mainly bc theyd have to ship the black in my size from NY, and i didnt want to wait!! >:O

and of course, while at barneys, i came across the cutest lanvin flats ever!!! they are a watercolor blue/red floral print, that’s so spring yet perfect for my summer, since i have research everyday and must wear closed-toed shoes! they weren’t as flattering on my feet but i think the comfort & color makes up for it. it really makes any neutral outfit pop!


alrighty, back to reading research articles. one of the 3 articles i have to finish by tonight is 49 pages long! haha, i think my eyes are going to be strained by the end of it. but i’ll probably end up skimming it. i need to be in bed before 2!