im back at home!!
so relaxing… i slept til 930 today!! and the sun was pouring in through the window and it was a nice morning call…
today im going to have lunch with my cousin and nephews and aunts… afterwards im going to finally go watch toy story 3!!! so excited :O) but what should i do the rest of the weekend?

on another note, yesterday my flight back to SJ was ridiculous.. i ended up arriving at LAX & barging into the airport 20 min prior to my departure time, so i left my suitcase in my friends car, dumped all the things i packed from the suitcase into my tiny carry-on bag, asked if i could cut in line to print my boarding pass, ran through ID check, only to find the security line was a good 100+ people. by then i was already sweaty and panting so this nice guy let me cut in front of him… but it still wasn’t fast enough since people are really so slow at getting their laptops i cut into the maternity/baby security and then sprinted across the entire airport to the farthest gate, not giving a fuck who was staring at me, this crazy asian girl with clothes spilling out of her bag & looking like a huge mess overall… hahahah luckily when i got to the gate they were boarding the A group so i went on and got a great seat! sat at the aisle near a gross tattoo-ed all over his body, coughing up phlegm, long haired man, but by then i really didnt care who i sat next to bc i was so overwhelmed that i finally made it!!!!! ahha yes that’s definitely a method to ensure no one sits next to you on a full flight… look sweaty and overwhelmed yourself & make sure the person 2 seats over isnt so presentable themself.. hahahah omg that’s so mean… but he turned out to be a nice guy (though really bizarre too.. he was slapping his thighs to the music like a 5 yr old for parts of the flight)!

haha anyway hope you all have a fun 4th of july. weather here back home is going to be in the mid-high 80s! can’t wait to wear real summer clothes