bye bye marissa :(


this post is dedicated to you… i miss you already. hope you have a safe & well rested flight(s) back home, and i better see you soon via skype! haha you are always watching some sort of comic/youtube online so i can count on ‘whyjennifer’ to be on. LOL i still get confused if it’s you or not… and whether it’s really my friend named jennifer. anyway i want to send you some snail mail (excuse to use stationary!) so send me your address :) it’s really too bad we didnt meet up more often during the months you were here (& all times we did for were for meals u___u so sad) but i cant wait to see you in asia! take good care of yourself, find a husband, and invite all AO to your wedding so we can crash it and bring you sexy little things LOL! i cant wait to tell your husband about your love for visiting these ‘unique’ conventions, especially the ones overseas, and i’m sure he’ll choose one of your honeymoons to be in an exotic country in europe. hahahaha. i know im going to miss you even more since i dont know when you’re next coming back, but it’s comforting to know i’ll be seeing more of you in asia next summer! i’m going in august! we’re going to invade the food stands & clubs (& have some vomiting escapades) & hit up all the malls!! be prepared :) & have fun in bali when you do go. i am jealous :)

enjoy your time there & know everyone’s thinking of you~

love, j

a few pictures from days past–

marissa. always so normal :)

can always count on you to grow out of my side. hahaha

eating. as usual

the occasional sweet picture of us :)

CAUGHT in action!! pantsless & float-ied out

CAUGHT #2: looking like fools @ golf