Sperry Top-Siders:

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Montauk Slip-on.

way way cute. im a sucker for detail. i love the silver caps at the ends of the laces and i love the convenience that this pair is slip-on! genius! hmm…but i also do like the normal laced Top-siders. the laces are made of suede!


8 cool things people have done with the Apple Logo on their iPads!


lady gaga doing all sorts of normal things! hilarious to see her shopping in that get up…and walking her dog.. and seeing that she dresses up as a normal person for halloween

PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE DAY:’s-bazaar-us/?cuttag=true#cuttaganchor

Jessica Stam’s Harper Bazaar shoot… she’s really one of my favorite models. her look is so versatile yet something so girl next door & genuine. my fav picture is the one of her in the patterned gown with a hat on, in what looks to be a mexican church(?)


i’ve got to say, that’s the most interesting link of this post. CLICK IT! so creative. from trippy & creative rugs to ones that are multi-functional (serving as an alarm clock, so you step on it in to turn the alarm off in the morning!) and artistic (how can you beat a shoe-lace rug?). so check it out :)


On another note, just finished my 1st (& only) midterm for physics’ semester 2. can’t believe i’m already done with semester 1 and 20 chapters into the book… tomorrow going to research at 8am, followed directly by physics lecture & lab til 5. we’re planning to go to dinner afterwards, & (the newly opened) Magnolia Bakery for dessert. to top it off, we’re going to catch a late night Inception showing & then coming back home to play Taboo!!! busy busy day… this weekend Nina & i are going to a decadestwo sample sale. hope it’ll be successful! if not, i swear i’ll probably go buy those Sperry’s or Tom’s wedges that i previously posted about!

alrighty, time to hit the sack. woke up at 5 am today & have been up ever since. my body can barely catch up.. i need to be/eat healthier & start working out again… off eating schedule + little exercise + late nights = recipe for disaster :( goodnight!

PS- so many good movies coming out soon that i can’t WAIT to watch! CHARLIE ST. CLOUD looks amazing. zac efron really looks like he’s doing some genuine acting, & SALT is probably just as good as it looks… also want to watch Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts, and Legends of the Guardians (yes, the owl movie in 3d! so cute & the plot’s so sweet…) 2 of my roommates also went to watch a Flipped movie screening tonight & said it was a really good movie about a boy’s first love. it’s too bad all these movies are coming out august! but then again, that’s in 2 weeks! which reminds me… i’m moving August 7th, my final is August 10th. probably flying home 11th or 12th. school’s going to start a week right after, and off we go again. another year.