haven’t updated in awhile. will describe my last month in words & phrases..not sentences. too tired & lazy to think.

week before final: pack for moving out of apartment 2 weeks before move out. boxes everywhere. chaos. sad to leave roommates who are going abroad + moving to verona. LAPTOP STOLEN. i know its those workers who came to fix internet. shocked angry scared to stay in my apartment. file police/dps report. detectives & tuscany looking into camera tapes. can’t stay in empty furniture-less by myself anymore. go to helen’s. study for physics final.
move into new apartment. take physics final 2 days later. final goes well. go to chick fil a raffle in hopes of winning the raffle to stay overnight (guarantee for 1 yr worth of food). don’t get raffle bc there were 300+ people there!
fly home. catch up on sleep. buy a new laptop. due to bad back i visit chiropractor/acupuncturist. go get massages :) take gili out for walks everyday. go to the lake in los gatos near old house. clean house. rest. watch movies. meet up with relatives. fly back to la. anddd now school’s starting in 2 days :(
summer oh summer. where did you go? come back.
im going to miss you.