dear blog, so sorry i’ve been avoiding y…

dear blog, so sorry i’ve been avoiding you lately! been too busy to post…and when i do have time, i dont really want to think and write… frankly i find myself reading other people’s blogs 10x more. it’s sad but i think my favorite part of the day is reading my Google reader. that thing is a genius! love that you can follow your friends and see what interesting links they share from their google reader. hop on the bandwagon people! add me :)

so was planning to go to vegas next weekend w/my best friend, but since it’s informals & mandatory, i gotta miss her huge 21st party! but luckily we’re going to disneyland this saturday, so im sorta excited! and a little shocked at myself, given that i don’t remember having a good time last time i went..which was probably over 10 yrs ago. i recall hating ‘it’s a small world’ and the boat ride, where all the giant toy puppets & figurines surrounding the tiny boat were singing and moving and being all happy and making me dizzy. i remember feeling claustrophobic and scared and wanting to scream through the tunnels. guess i was a bitter child. ha!

another thing-i finally sold my itouch & ipod shuffle! made $160 off the itouch & $45 from the shuffle, which is much lower than their retail value, but gotta say the experience selling it off of craigslist was quite interesting. ended up waiting an extra 30-40 min for some incapable to come and pick it up, even though i originally told him a preset time that he agreed to. idiotttttt, thanks for not picking up calls bc u dont have long distance. really now? ok maybe i shouldn’t be so critical..but come on, be more responsible if you’re getting such a deal! youre not the only one out there who wanted the offer. people these days…

lalala anyway school has finally started. it’s midterm season already! yes–3 weeks into school counts as 1st round of midterms. it’s insane how reading-heavy this semester is, but it’ll be good practice for the future, yes? and chances are i’m going to stay an additional semester @ sc, so i can slowly finish my degree requirements while raising my gpa. i need that extra boost, and though it’s going to cost me, it’ll be nice to really focus on my mcats next summer this time. not like how i “focused” on it this summer, which was going to class 2x a week & then not doing any hw, practice tests, or reading. fail :( hehe

so it’s pathetic but i think i’ve found the right position i need to place my laptop at my desk to get internet here. it’s been so moody lately. tuscany’s really putting me over the edge this semester: non-stop fire alarms at 4 or 6 am, non-stop fire alarm testing in the day time, construction for chick-fil-a & wingstop, thieves who still laptops, maintenance that barges into rooms, horrible customer service down in the office, tricky advertising, benefits to those who sign later.. seems the only reason im living here is the convenience and the 24 hr safety/security. otherwise, id be gone in a heartbeat. hm, also need to figure out where i want to live if i do stay that extra semester here!

ok, obsessions lately: lululemon athletic tops. love the luon material. it absorbs sweat so well, looks flattering, and though expensive, reviews online have all been 5 star ratings, saying their gear is an investment because it lasts so long! also i’m excited for dineLA to start early October again. so many restaurants on that enormous list i don’t know where to even begin! fogo de chao is overrated, i hear. i do want to try The Lobster in santa monica & Nobu in bh. also have gift certificates to Geisha House & ketchup so i’ll be hitting those up. suggestions my fellow readers?