just read one of my friend’s birthday posts. the caption to one of her pictures read, “Hard to make a wish when you have everything a girl could ask for in life!”
don’t know why, out of the blue, that made me really tear up.
even though i’ve had my share of unfortunate events in my life, this quote really gave me some perspective. i need to focus on what i have instead of what i’ve lost. i’m so grateful to have what i currently have & have had. i have such a loving family, friends, and am healthy and so blessed to be pursuing higher education, working towards a cause that will allow me to touch more people & their lives.
i want to do more with my life, it’s my only one.
always ask yourself, ‘who am i being right now? what is the possibility?’

i am powerful. i am not afraid. life is great and i was born to do this.