delta informals was yesterday.
was too tired to even hit up the afterparty, which was at the gamma house. i guess they’ve gotten smarter about not holding it at a suite at the hotel, but instead relocating to a place where it won’t get shut down in 30 min..
was seriously drained and bored by 10 pm, and presents didn’t even start until 10:30. we were horribly behind schedule. i arrived at 6 when everyone was supposed to be there by 5, and the balloon arch wasn’t even done! not to mention it turned out looking like #^%$#^! whatevs.
there are 23 girls left, and i still don’t know 15 of their names. ridiculous. but i find myself not caring so much…i know i dont know them and yet i dont bother either. too old for this!
will upload pictures from disneyland & informals soon :)
stay tuned!
hm, have Neurobio midterm on wed. can’t believe we’re going into our 6th week of school already, and it’s also almost october! the holidays are startingggg!!! but daylight savings is also going to suck. lately we’ve been going through the 2nd heat wave of the entire yr, but it’s really not even that hot. about 85-95. i wanna go to manhattan beach!!
alright back to studying it is.

tataa my loves