had a fabulous 21st birthday :) went to a local downtown LA club called Exchange with friends & ended up not wasted, but definitely my share of drinks to ring in the 21st!! midori sour (first 21 drink!!!!!! & buttery nipple shot (hahaha), jolly rancher, wtvv…. hehe things are so much more fun when you’re 2ne11!!!!

just realized i didn’t upload any pictures from that night yet. i need to start not being so lazy w/posting up pictures from my camera & actually start blogging.

& finished round 2 of midterms–YES! time for some good old r&r, which will include getting my life back on track with working out & eating healthily & watching law & order & more tv…and catching up on magazine reading & cleaning my room. ha haaa

these are pictures of a birthday party a blogger hosted… gorgeous:

such beautiful decoration & i love the vibrant magenta roses & red-orange peonies! new addition to bucket list: host a party that’s just as beautifully decorated as this! i’ve recently accumulated so many things on my bucket list, including: making a pizza from scratch, and master hand-pooled noodles! i however i need to start actually crossing things off. anyone up to join me? :)