popped up on my itunes. oldie but goodie!

you can say what you have to say, my mind’s made up anyway.
im taking the high road going above you, this is the last time i’m gonna trust you.

alright. last final, must end strong even though the weather’s killin meeee. want to go lay in 84 degree december LA weather. instead, forced to go into a freezing 65 degree study room :( oh well, the torture ends in 2 days. GO!

ps-so excited to go home & explore my DSLR!! last time i cracked open the box & popped on the UV filters+ lens & tested it out for 30 min. think i took at least 100 photos :) cant wait to go to the library & check out some DSLR books!!! sf, carmel, napa(?) here i come.