reviewing pictures on iphoto…. hah yes thats what i do when i have a final. notice how ive been updating everyday in december… hahaha bad habit. but the panic is starting to settle in…..
anyway i really want to go to chengdu. havent seen our places yet.. mom has been traveling back & forth ~3x this past year to finish the transaction… but they just finished building! isnt the view great!

view in chengdu

places in china dont come furnished or even renovated… meaning if its 4 bedrooms, you can change 1 to outdoor area or leave it 4 bedroom….and the bathroom is just a bathroom space… you have to choose everything-floor, style of sink, sink location, tile, wall color, etc. so strange. you can change around the walls too. anyway i want to goooo and see it. i want to design my room. i think we’re putting in a tatami room. haha sounds awesome but i guess we’ll see. cant believe ive never been to Chengdu area…. its about time! heard its the new up & coming area since beijing & shanghai are so overpopulated and people need a new city to invade. lol. haven’t been back to china in 4 years…. i strangely miss it.