farewell 2010, it’s been good

i know, i know, everyone always goes on about how it’s hard to believe how the year has ‘flown’ by, and how shocking it is, that it’s finally december 31st once again. but really, though 2010 has come and is soon to be gone, i’ll have to say this year has been good to me and i am nothing but thankful. not many changes and events in this year, but i reflect and view the routine and consistency of this year as a good thing. started off 2010 in Honduras with USC Global Medical Brigades, met and lived with a group of wonderful roommates, worked hard in two semester of classes, and am now ending it all back at home in dear ol’ saratoga.

i hope 2011 brings good health and a wonderful end to my college career here at USC. i hope it’s filled with priceless memories and outings with 21+ year old friends, travels, hard work, educational success, and good food and conversations with those i love. 2011 will be the year we all separate and go our own ways, but i have a hunch it’ll be a good one. i’m crossing my fingers.

here’s to you and your family and loved ones. i hope you all have a happy new years! whether you’re out and partying it up or spending a low-key evening in with family, may your night be filled with joy and laughter.

see you all in the new year!