Nike + iPod Sport Kit

first new years resolution: use the nike + iPod sport kit & exercise 3-4x a week.
since i have no classes thurs & fri, i’m intent on heading down to the gym & really hitting the treadmill. with the nike + ipod attachment that i just need to slip into my new running shoes, and a receiver that connects to my iphone/ipod, this kit makes it easier than ever to track a workout. i especially love that you can view your exercise summary once you sync your iphone/ipod to your laptop. it’ll not only display your distance, time, and calorie count, but you can even customize your workout & set up playlists & songs to give you motivation along the way.
this little kit will set me back $30, but i’m hoping it’ll be a good health investment to keep me going in the new year! can’t wait to let you know how it goes!