i love this–it’s all about the wooden flooring and the oak-wood-colored cabinetry. together paired with the clean cut, sharp corners of the doorway entrances and the frames hanging on the walls, this getaway looks like paradise, particularly with the natural lighting! i’d love to see what it looks like at night! and don’t you love how the ocean is just barely peeking out from this picture?

again, im a sucker for white-on-white. i also love the light fixture that appears to resemble chic christmas ornaments, and gives the place a young festive feel. not sure if it’s a very flat screen tv hanging on the wall or whether it’s just a picture, but nonetheless, it looks amazing!

this bathroom is tiny but it somehow works. i love the contrast in color that distinguishes the shower area from the rest of the bath. seems odd to me that there is no other sheet of glass enclosing the shower entirely, because practically, it’s pretty unsanitary if water is spilling out to the sink area. still, i love the floor tile and the sink bowl!

wow, im usually not a sucker for wallpaper but this cherry blossom floral print just screams my name. i definitely want this in my room! so peaceful yet fun. i love that it tones down the room so it’s a tranquil space to drift away to sleep. not a fan of the old velvety bedding, though.