Bucket list.

Things to do before I die:

1. Get through medical school
2. Start a Foundation providing underprivileged communities in Taiwan & China Hepatitis B vaccinations (Anne & David Lee Foundation)
3. Trace my ancestry
4. Medical missions to Africa and South America
5. Go to Antarctica—visit all 7 continents of the world
6. Hang/Para-gliding
7. Water-skiing
8. Create a whole banquet/dinner myself
9. Swim with dolphins
10. Plant a tree and watch it grow
11. Ride a horse through a vineyard
12. Cruise to the Mediterranean
13. Witness a solar eclipse
14. Run a marathon
15. Archery
16. Take a pole-dancing class
17. Record a CD of my piano pieces
18. Helicopter license
19. Go in a submarine
20. Times Square on New Years
21. Chinese New Years in China/Taiwan
22. Stonehenge, UK; Machu Picchu, Peru
23. Athens, Greece
24. Take up photography
25. Take up pottery
26. Fly kites on the beach
27. Be in a room filled with candles
28. Oil paint
29. Learn calligraphy
30. Make a scrapbook of all my travels
31. Milk a cow
32. Ride a camel
33. Ride an elephant
34. Own a beach house
35. See the Aurora Borealis (Canada, Iceland?)
36. Travel to rural China, bring medical supplies/support
37. Go to Palau, snorkel with glow-in-the-dark jellyfish (that have no stingers)
38. Donate a Xin Xin school named after my mom
39. Go backpacking through Europe (Milan, Rome, Berlin)
40. Master hand pulled noodles
41. Interior Design my own home
42. Support a child through elementary-high school (childfund.org)
43. Master snowboarding
44. Hot air ballooning over beautiful scenery (Napa)
45. Visit Whitsunday Islands
46. Sew a quilt
47. Teepee a house!
48. Scuba dive in Fiji, Bali
…to be continued

What’s on your bucket list?