It’s Spring Break! Im here in New York!
Funny how first day here and I feel like…dare I say it–a “native”?? I’ve been to NY almost ten years ago so it’s been awhile, but so far this night here has been pretty different from what I last remember. I was unaware of how diverse the NYC population was until I flew into LaGuardia, which I was later told, is close to Spanish Harlem. The neighborhood is an odd place for an airport, because it’s small and ghetto. Not like LA-Compton ghetto, but more City-ghetto minus the gangsters. Hard to describe. Never would I have guessed an airport would be in such an area. But anyway, what’s interesting is no matter how diverse the people are here, everyone seems to have the Personality: hurried to get somewhere, keeps to themselves, but also friendly when you get to talking to them. No one starts a conversation if it’s unnecessary but when someone does, everyone is patient and quick to help. I also love the daily lifestyle and street culture. Today we strolled back home after taking the subway to grab dinner, while dropping by a little flower mart to look at flowers to decorate the apartment. Here you rely solely on walking, subway, and taking cabs. Everything closes late. Everyone is eco-friendly. All the food looks good. It’s not empty on the streets at 11pm. And people break the law jay-walking everywhere and hailing a cab in the middle of the street. People barge into cabs while they’re stopped at a light, and even order cab drivers to turn around to get to their side of the road instead of taking a few steps to cross themselves. People are assertive and know what they want. Then they go get it. Maybe I feel so at home because it’s the personality I want to develop. Or maybe the hustle-bustle and city transportation reminds me of Asia. I cant stop comparing how different NY is from LA everytime something shocks me, but really, I feel like Im in a whole new country. The cities really have distinct personalities. I guess Id say one is for the laid-back adventurist who is smart and fun, but the other perfect for the motivated career-oriented youngin breaking into the field. Interesting. Definitely a city for young people who are ready to get caught in the daily grind.
Will keep you readers updated. Can’t wait to keep exploring! Hope everyone has a good/productive finals week or Spring Break!