HULLOOO yes hi there i am backkkk with… 


yes hi there i am backkkk! with good and bad news! so good news is im posting! bahhaha bad news is im going to be a hermit & not update this until i get back to the US!!! so next time i post i’ll be back home & wll upload all my fabulous (i hope) pictures from the Whitsundays & Sydney & Melbourne! :) my schedule is:

11/20-22: Whitsunday Islands
11/22: Brisbane
11/23: Sydney
11/24-27: Melbourne
11/28: Sydney
12/2: back home to San Francisco!
12/7: LA
12/12: San Jose

hurray! but not hurray are my finals that are happening before all that fun begins. must work hard & be in isolation from all mankind. ahahahha. ok i just ate nutella so i am hyper yet once again. SO. DELICIOUS. MMMMMMMMMM!! im officially addicted :O)

so getting back to my trip to tangalooma! Tangalooma is an area on Moreton island, which is about 75 minutes from the wharf we left from in Brisbane. since we’re at Uni and not exactly near the wharf, we ended up waking up at 5 am to catch a 5:30 ferry to the ferry stop near the wharf, then took a taxi to the wharf itself and finally boarded for a 7:30 am boat ride. i never knew the sun rose at like 4am here, but it does! it was entirely bright and sunny when i woke up. and to my dismay there were people ON CAMPUS. what madness! it was a sunday! who in their right mind chills on the grass at 5 am? heh

when we finally got to the island, we saw tons of people gathered by the jetty watching people feed the pelicans! so being the curious people we are we made our way to the crowd and omg! they were so cute! i did not expect them to be so adorable but they were (hm, that beanie baby pelican i used to have was so ugly compared to this. how deceiving!) and their heads were FURRY. :O

pelican feeding. they're adorable! & their beaks are translucent!

pelican feeding at the jetty! theyre so adorable & their beaks are translucent! and they have blue feet!

so cute so cute so cute. so people threw fish at them and they would catch it with their beaks like a net and then swallow the fish and run back and wait for more. hehehe and then after that was over, the pelicans stayed on the beach and just sat down and all looked really funny

HAHA afterwards we hung around the beach & explored the resort while waiting for the next activity to begin. there were lots of people staying overnight so already people were out & about swimming & snorkeling & what not. on the beach we saw jellyfish & tons of sea stars at the shallow places in the water. the water was beautiful…even more pretty than the water at the great barrier reef and hawaii!! except it wasnt as warm.

hiii U_U

hi U_U

hello mister jellyfish

hello mister jellyfish!


seastar! there were so many & they were all orange & purple!!

we went to this mini outdoor aquarium and watched this guy introduce the fish & sea/marine life to us. (LOL he reminded me of lady gaga because of his sunglasses. hahah) it was sad though because just a few weeks before, some crazy person poured bleach into the aquarium and most of the animals died!! but we did get to see a nudibranch & the sea stars & a few other fish. he told us about the whales & dugongs that swim by and hang out on the sand banks in the middle of the ocean. we werent so lucky though and didnt see any that day :( the same tour guide later took us bushwalking (hiking basically, but here they call it bushwalking since the forest=bush) & after a 2km walk we got to the top of the mountain and saw this view..

at the top of the mountain! we hiked up here and saw this amazing vieww

WOW!! amazing view at the top of the mountain!

along the way he was pointing out trees & berries that were edible & what the old Aboriginal inhabitants of the islands used to do to relieve themselves of thirst & which plants to pick & chew on if you were hungry. pretty coolll! (along the way we saw a bunch of people on their ATVs too) right after the walk we decided to make our way to the desert, which is more inland (about 5 km, which is really far!  we didnt know it was going to be that hot & so far away & steep so we were hiking up and down the mountain in flip flops and no water. killer :( we finally got to the desert (i never thought id be that happy to the desert in my life) & saw a bus there full of people who had just arrived & were going sandboarding & sand tobagganing. i wanted to go but it was just too hot! it was probably almost 95 degrees out & already past 12 noon so it was only going to get hotter. you cant tell in the picture but there was like no wind up there & weird heat spots when you stood at certain places

the desert

the desert. way too hot! see the little bus? & the people?? they're tiny!!

we walked back another trail that led us to the beach again and decided to take a swim. it was awesome because there was no one on this side of the island so it felt like our own private beach!


the beach :)

after getting a delicious lunch we made our way to the shipwrecks, where tours go snorkeling, and went swimming again. the water on this side was freaking cold especially since there were hot & cold currents so it’d be cold for a few seconds but as soon as you move it got hotter. we tried swimming to the wrecks but since we didnt bring goggles (& didnt want to get the super salty water in our eyes) we couldnt see anything below us & decided against it. hahaha i kept thinking black patches below me were sharks or stingrays and was freaking out! LOL :P well it was really windy at this time but we wanted to make our 30 min walk worth while so we stayed a bit & laid around enjoying the sun :) there were so many families there who were driving on the beach so i think lots of people buy houses there on the island. prretty interesting place to live!

visited the shipwrecks

visited the shipwrecks

made our way back after trudging in the sand back to the lodge area (it’s so tiring walking in sand with the wind blowing you in the opposite direction) -_____- and laid around like lazy people :)

loved the umbrellas

loved the umbrellas!

those are the trees' branches & roots!!

those are the trees' branches & roots

then went to a kookaburra feeding! they’re carnivores so people feed them meat that’s from their natural habitat (aka mice & snake).

feeding kookaburras snake!

watching them feeding kookaburras

well the birds decided to fly away after 10 minutes because a little kid kept running towards them and then they never came back :( so the feeding was over early..we walked around on the beach & at this time the sky was so beautiful bc the sun was setting.

the sand & wind & water together made this bizarre but beautiful pattern that was alll over the beach! on the other side of the water was more sand, then the beach! coolest thing ever

the sand & wind & water together made this bizarre but beautiful pattern that was alll over the beach! on the other side of the water was more sand, then the ocean! coolest thing ever

so stunning. yeah?

so stunning.

sand was so soft. look! there's a coconut :)

sand was so soft. look! there's a coconut :)

since we love swimming but the sun was going down we ended up swimming at the resort pool during sunset. then made our way to the dolphin feeding area where there were already a bunch of people waiting! the dolphins came earlier that night since it was so windy so the waves were crazy.

swimming at the pool at sunset.

swimming at the pool

see the people at the jetty?? they're taking pictures of...

see the people at the jetty?? they're taking pictures of...

the dolphins!

the dolphins! they were swimming in really shallow water

cant see them too clearly..

cant see them too clearly :(

there were about 7 or 8 dolphns total, so we got in lines and first dipped our hands in some sort of antibacterial cleaner & then went to the next pail that was the dead fish. they told us to grab the fish like it was an ice cream cone and stick it in the water and the dolphins would eat it from your hand!! they were wild so they werent trained & sometimes theyd swim away when the waves crashed in or go to another group. we waded into the water about chest deep and fed them & the dolphin we fed had 2 little dolphin babies with it!!!!!!!! sooo cuteeee. and they’re so playful—they were doing turns and stuff ahhaha :O) i wish someone took pictures for us feeding them since we werent allowed to bring cameras down there with us.. the professional photog took a few so i’ll post them up soon, but even the quality of those arent too great.
by then it was already almost 8 pm and we had to catch the last boat back to Brisbane. the waves were crazy so we had to stay docked for an additional 30 min to wait for the wind to die down. i took my seasick pills and slept the whole trip back (btw random fact: here, when you want to buy medicine you can’t go to the supermarket & just get it @ the pharmacy or off the shelves. you need to go to a chemist..basically a store that sells cosmetics + any type of medicine you need. the markets dont sell any medicine at all!!!). what a longggg dayy but it was soo amazing. if any of you ever go to Brisbane you must make a trip to Tangalooma part of your itinerary!! even if you don’t stay overnight it’s totally worth it :) thank you fay for telling me about it, i had a GREAT TIME!! :O)

lalala and yes, i had a very chill but fun 20th birthday here :) nothing crazy, just went to the city & had a birthday dinner with close friends & a few of my apartmentmates & had cake & visited the manmade beach in the city!



28 layer cake. no i didnt eat THIS cake but doesnt this cake look amazing?!! ahhh so creative!!

the next day my apartmentmates made me a homecooked pasta dinner w/tiramisu she made! on the 25th, it was my other apartmentmates bday so i made green onion pancakes and we had a cute dinner together along w/tom yum soup & a few side dishes. yay!!




tiramisu! freaking amazinggg


and then the other day out of nowhere my apartmntmate & i decided to take funny photobooth pictures!!! LOL they’re hilariouss so i here i am sharing a few!


hahahahah LOL i look like a kangaroooo



ahhahaha that’s all folksssss!

i miss you all!!! and i cant believe in 1 mo & 2 days ILL BE BACK IN THE US!!!!!! heres to hoping i have many safe flights & take care everyone :)

signing off now~