Presentation tomorrow, meaning… it’s time for me to do what I do best–wasting time, posting pictures on my blog, and being inspired by the best things at the worst possible moment.

This top. Very EVER. Not a fan of the shoes.

This JACKET. Floppy, structured, clean! Strong sharp corners in the sleeves and belts, but soft and feminine with how the collar falls. I like. I guess A WANG does no wrong.

Cardigan. I like this mossy forest green. That fanny pack almost ruins the picture. Who said fanny packs are back? WHO.

Bally does structured.

Donna Karan. When did workwear become so feminine?

Ruffled skirt on the right. Love the ruched stitching at the bottom. Fabulous!

This amazing bag. So deep and rich in color and the fuscia-purple makes my pupils dilate (in a good way).

And then the fantasy ends.