hello there this is going to be a… 

hello there, this is going to be a completely random post of whats on my mind lately besides my finals (eep!)

so finally finished two of my finals and i have one left. i have yet to go over outline the second half of those lecture notes which will likely take at least 48 hours total, seriously. after this im going to be a maniac and cram it all into my minute Drosophila sized brain. then my wonderful mother is coming here on wednesday! we’re heading to the gold coast on the 19th & then yayyy off to paradise (i hope the weather doesn’t ruin our time there!)! and ive decided i have way too much crap & so i am mailing a box back. the gifts will be arriving decades after i do… :( i hope not! i am probably shipping by sea because it’s $80 cheaper for the box that holds up to 20kg! and i have books/notes/clothes that im putting in. and if you know me, or have lived with me, i have been going through that phase of packing before a final again. it’s turning into a habit. and cleaning. what am i going to do when theres no where to pack for before a final? study? haha

hm, onto more random but quite important matters, this outfit i like. haha

Prabal Gurung Spring 2010 collection

Prabal Gurung Spring 2010 collection

as well as the Jimmy Choo for H&M collection!!! released todayyy, ive been looking at the collection online since a month ago & now its finally out…luckily i am not in la otherwise i would seriously be heading over to bev center right now. and everything will be sold out when i get back :(

i also really like this photo. it’s sorta national geographic-y, huh? i love the reflection in the pool. sorta looks like neuronal axons and their dendritic trees.

and this cool photograph of london!

oxford circus

Oxford Circus

and i think this sheep is cute. it’s smiling! too bad i saw it on my google reader on the Serious Eats website i follow…


and THESE BREADSHOES. i am speechless. for 22 euros too! i might as well go buy two loaves of bread and gorge out the middle.


22 Euros for an edible pair!

and these are pop/hiphop songs that have been on repeat on my iTunes lately:
Telephone—Lady GaGa
Waiting—Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt
Morning After Dark—Timbaland ft. SoShy & Nelly Furtado
For Your Entertainment—Adam Lambert
Say Hey (I Love You)—Michael Franti and Spearhead
Body Control—Leighton Meester

and i took this personality test! yes, of course a day before my final :)
so extremely accurate, and doesn’t take too long. its pretty interesting learning more about yourself!!

ooo this paper art is fancy:


and i like this longchamp tote (available only in France, sadly):


& presenting this “starring you” ecard from jibjab.com. i put in @hyershin @shellysong @laurenml @keifu ‘s faces in…bcause they’re my favorite twitterers!!! the dance is pretty funny…check it out for yourselves. hahaha :O)

these 30 twitter comics:

btw, these are the types of turkeys that i see everyhwere. crossing the street, digging in the leaves and making a huge mess on the walkways, running through the foresty areas… its really weird. but im used to it. even weirder! their heads are red and they have a yellow bit near their neck  and they’re like the size of a small dog (gili!)


turkey on campus. theyre everywhere!

hm, and i was looking through pictures on my computer the other day when i was deleting files, and saw these pictures.. from years ago. thought id post some  to share with you, since i really havent been anywhere but my room ever since i last updated about Tangalooma.


green island, taiwan


white water rafting in Taiwan


visiting family friends in Guangzhou


Guangzhou garden


cousin's graduation...wow 2007 was so long ago.


Hualien, Taiwan


Touchen, Taiwan



Millenium Park, Chicago


Madison, Wisconsin


Cave of the Mounds, WI


Lake Tahoe, CA

not that many photos & only my travels within the past 3 yrs. ive got to update my photos from years before that. my memory cards are just sitting at home, taking up space, and i have no idea what photos are on them! aiii, but yes i wanna go backkkkk…to all these places :) what good memories. seems like so long ago, made me all nostalgic. :( its amazing AMAZING how time flies by.

OKAY i hope this post was somewhat fun. bahahahha what a jokeeee. sorry i am lazying out and totally neglecting to post up any pictures, videos, whatever. :( what what whatttt. maybe i will attempt to keep this up when i get back since, you know, i like to waste time and all. hahaha